Apophenia aims to use the status of energy generation i.e. hormones, steroid production, and their irreplaceable and overlooked role in brain health and how those determine the quality of a person, society, and population. 

Societal upbringing is inevitably composed of pillars that begin in education conditioning and onward to the labor force that confides in the direction and attitudes that are pushed by the society.

Systemic operations that largely feature pressuring situations are increasingly reliant on forced performance, image building, and alleviating pastimes rallying together false organization and disarray.

The priority and methods for health and wellness become unclear, uncertain, and often disregarded which goes on to reflect in the adult social environment, but with a growing wane of curiosity, the problems go unresolved.

With an increasing number of health toxicities, the pleads for biological homeostasis are so impaired that the calls for brain energy become deranged, and are sought from further depleting sources called addictions.

Apophenia, an online forum seeks to explore the phenomena of life, past and modern, entertaining any topic, as the digital age continues to reveal the origin of problems it is also the cause of Apophenia’s specialization – pornography addiction and related brain changes.

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The term “Apophenia” is described as the tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful pattern between seemingly unrelated or random things, such as objects or ideas, and similarly deemed by psychologists as the human tendency to see connections and patterns that are not really there.