• Subscriptions are optional and aren’t necessary to participate in Discussions.
  • Each user will be given an Affiliate Link  automatically available in the Affiliate Dashboard.
  • If your link is used to purchase a Subscription you will obtain a Commission.
  • You do not need to be a Paid Subscriber to invite and obtain Commissions.
  • Commission Rates can be negotiated beyond 50% should you have large invitation activity.
  • Changing Subscriptions will properly adjust Commission Details while carrying over your invitees.
  • Referral links have a 90 day cookie duration.
  • All payouts are administered only through PayPal and require a PayPal Email Address to be properly inserted within your Affiliate Account.
  • Payments will be issued every Friday at no fixed time.
  • Earnings and other relevant information will also be present within your Affiliate Account Page.
  • Should a PayPal email address not be present at time of payout, funds will be held by PayPal for approximately 30 days.
  • If the timeframe for email insertion isn’t met, the funds will be returned back to the Administrator and will be redistributed when it is resolved.
  • Should a referred person use your Affiliate Link and purchase a Subscription then later change Membership Levels without using another Affiliate Link, the new purchase will count as a Commission.
  • Should a person use more than one Affiliate Link and purchase a Subscription; the Affiliate Link that belongs to the first user will obtain the Commission.

Initial Commission refers to the first payment made by a referred member.

Recurring Commissions are continuous payments from previously referred members.

Recurring limit = number of times a payment will be reissued.

Example: Initial Commission Rate = 50% | Recurring Commission Rate = 40% | Subscription Amount = $50/Month | Recurring Limit =   Initial Commission = $25 | Recurring Commission = $20/month

5 Referrals: Total Initial Commissions = $125 | Recurring Commissions = $100/month 

10 Referrals: Total Initial Commissions = $250 | Recurring Commissions = $200/month 

Example: Initial Commission Rate = 50% | Recurring Commission Rate = 35% | Subscription Amount = $50/Month | Recurring Limit = 12 | Initial Commission = $25 | Recurring Commission = $17.50/month

5 Referrals: Total Initial Commissions = $125 | Recurring Commissions = $87.50/month 12 Times

10 Referrals: Total Initial Commissions = $250 | Recurring Commissions = $175/month 12 Times

There are certain promotional methods that will not be tolerated and your account shall be in consideration for termination, should you engage in such activities:

  • Spamming (in any form and/ or on any platform/ channel, includes but is not limited tounsolicited promotional email, mass commenting on websites, posting your affiliate link on groups and forums where it’s not permitted, sending unsolicited direct messages etc);
  • Misrepresenting Apophenia in any way (includes but is not limited to: misleading customers or using false information about our platform, using fake testimonials, pretending you are actively affiliated with Apophenia or that you are Apophenia, concealing or misrepresenting your identity or our affiliation to our business etc)
  • Using paid advertising for your affiliate link

  • Placing your affiliate link and/ or discount code on any coupon sites


Additional Notes

  • All prices are concrete and are not subject to change
  • Canceled subscriptions forfeit continued earnings
  • If applicable benefits will be added to existing membership levels
  • All transactions are final; there are no refunds on this site
  • For safety against potential legalities always use Affiliate Disclaimers

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