Apophenia Forum


The platform Apophenia carrying the slogan Veracious Reality™ is a specialized forum that utilizes a unique user interface perfect for organized discussions and liberated speech, harnessing software upgrades that align with the modern internet.

It grants you full leeway of your own data. Allowing each user to download their posts and other relevance’s that can be manually withdrawn anytime at your discretion. It comes with versatility in that it is chat integrated with both discord and telegram. Meaning that the conversations within the forum can be viewed through each of those interfaces, allowing for very portable convenience. The forum is purposely designed to restrict overt graphics, opting to keep the format clean and thoughtful. Images, GIFs and Videos can be linked over to Imgur, but will not be seen directly on the forum’s interface.

Instead those functions have been delegated to Discord and Telegram serving as additions or minimally as alternatives, granting a well-rounded communicative experience if desired.

The forum is available for free on both desktop and mobile. The mobile version can be installed on the home screen of both Android and IOS. Notifications will be administered dynamically and occur when you are mentioned, when a post has been quoted, replied to or when obtaining a follower, etc. Uniquely you’ll also be able to issue responses via email.

Each interface is customizable allowing an array of themes, fonts and other color manipulations. Each user is given a profile page to decorate and self-promote. Safe For Work Avatars, extra categories and other submissions can be made to increase the available catalog for all users.

Links Expand Automatically: Links to Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, GitHub, and other big websites expand to bring out additional context and information.

Apophenia uses a trust system as a defense mechanism against trolls, bad actors and spammers. Apart from badges that declare a user’s contribution, there is a rating system that can assist in monitoring deleterious communication.

Plugins and other enhancements are always imminent. Signs up are quick and easy allowing each individual to create an account by simply logging into Facebook, Twitter, Google, Discord and Reddit.

Apophenia also offers optional avenues for growth and revenue involvement. The community can make movements with group voting and employ creative displays through merchandise. Individuals who produce accepted material will in return gain a formidable percentage of the sales.

In order to acquire a connected form of consciousness, one that acts within its own energy but still facilitates the natural order of things. The prerequisite is simply to discard the idea of learned helplessness by looking past certifications and herd like repetitions.  

In the circumstances of life each instance requires a form of entry. In this position the virtual bubble must be broken to uncover the lens, and instead replaced with the proper VR acronym, Veracious Reality.